Tuesday, December 18, 2018
3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

HumanFIRST Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering Building
111 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

About the Event

Join us for this opportunity to tour the newly revitalized HumanFIRST Driving Simulator, one of the most advanced immersive driving simulators in the country. The upgraded simulator features an all-new vehicle chassis, motion base, smooth arc projection system, and updated computer system. Its new capabilities and glass cockpit will allow researchers to examine driver behaviors under conditions of autonomous driving modes, novel infrastructure, and in-vehicle technologies.

The simulator is housed in the HumanFIRST (Human Factors Interdisciplinary Research in Safety and Transportation) Laboratory, which employs the tools and methods of psychology and human factors engineering to improve scientific understanding of driver performance and cognitive functions. HumanFIRST research focuses on understanding how humans interact with the many technologies and environmental factors that influence driving performance. Understanding these interactions is critical to ensuring that new technologies are safe as well as effective. The lab is a facility of the University of Minnesota's Department of Mechanical Engineering and is affiliated with the Roadway Safety Institute.

Open house attendees will have the opportunity to tour the new lab facility, drive in the laboratory's partner driving simulator, and talk with HumanFIRST research staff about the emerging research areas they are undertaking.

More Information

There is no cost to attend, and registration is not required. For more information, please contact Kaydee Kirk at kkirk@umn.edu or 612-626-5854.

Parking and Transit

Parking is available at the Washington Avenue Ramp, the Church Street Garage, or the University Avenue Ramp. For transit information, please visit the Metro Transit website or call 612-373-3333.